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News about Divorce and Family Law

Online Calculator Gives Divorce Odds

A new online calculator designed by a professor of public policy offers individuals the opportunity to answer a brief set of demographic questions and find out the odds of their marriage ending in divorce, based on census data. 

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Issues Regarding Child Custody

Child Custody Rights

Child custody rights may be shared by both parents or, primary child custody rights may be awarded to one parent or legal guardian. Since the 1970s the family court will award child custody rights contingent with the best interests of the child.

Custody for Fathers

Child custody for fathers following a divorce is one of the most important aspects of a dissolving marriage. Throughout history the legal presumptions about child custody for fathers has changed significantly. Before the twentieth century children were regarded as the property of their father. Under common law, child custody for fathers was commonly awarded, as children were considered a father's rightful property. A major shift occurred after this period in history, as family courts came to favor mothers in child custody cases. It was presumed that under normal circumstances, children did better when placed in the sole custody of their mothers.

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Divorce Law

Alimony and Child Support

The two main financial issues that most people deal with in divorce are alimony and child support. Child support payments are not taxable to the person receiving the payments, and are likewise not deductible by the person making the payments. Alimony payments, on the other hand, are completely different.

Marital Separation Agreements

Marital separation agreements are written contracts between a divorcing husband and wife. These agreements can be drawn up when a couple first decides to split up or during official divorce proceedings.

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