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Who Initiates Divorce: Men or Women?

Most people would think that the majority of the divorces are initiated by men, due to the financial and social difficulties that women face after the divorce. However, there are studies that revealed that women are the ones responsible for initiating divorce than men and that women are happier after the divorce.

A sociologist explained that women experience heterosexual marriage as oppressive and uncomfortable, with the fact that they express more overt conflict and dissatisfaction about the state of their marriage, while men are just troubled with the women’s dissatisfaction and just contented with how things are.

Men often blame themselves. But, why do women initiate divorce more than men?

One common reason is men behaves badly. Most men commit a crime and the distraught wives files for a divorce. Salute to these women who do not tolerate cheating. However, women also cheat. There are several studies that indicate there is an increase of cheating women. Women cheat when their needs are not being met, however, there are reasons that make them stay in their marriage, like financial and familial reasons.

Lastly, women expect more from a marriage. With the societal construct, men and women have different roles. Women are expected to manage the household chores, however, not all women lived in that culture. Most men stay in the marriage for convenience even if it is emotionally dissatisfying. Women need more than their man, especially when it comes to intellectual and emotional intimacy and a sense of surprise and adventure. Thus, women can be dissatisfied because of the lack of emotional fulfillment.

The divorce statistics have shown that men are cowards, and women are brave enough to call it quits on a failing relationship. Men are most likely to wait and be told that their marriage is over.