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What is rehabilitative alimony?

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is money paid on a regular basis by one divorced spouse (husband or wife) to the other spouse to support her or him. It’s a separate matter from child support. Spousal support is intended solely for the spouse.

Spousal support could be a permanent arrangement, or it can be provided for a specific time. Rehabilitative alimony is a form of spousal support that is provided only for a specified period of time. The purpose of rehabilitative alimony is to support the receiving spouse only until he or she establishes him/herself financially after the divorce.

Thus, rehabilitative alimony is usually intended to allow the spouse some financial support until he or she gains employment or other income and becomes self-supporting. Sometimes this requires further education too, and the rehabilitative alimony extends through the period of schooling up to the point when the spouse is employed and self-supporting.

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