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Divorce Lawyer Rates: Divorce Cost

When couples start thinking about divorce, one of the first questions they have to ponder is: How much will a divorce cost? Although most people would prefer to have an attorney by their side when going through a divorce, many also worry about how much this will cost.

The cost of a divorce is daunting. There are numerous factors that can affect the attorney fees, it widely ranges from the location of where you live, whom you hire, whether the spouse is combative or collegial, and the issues you have to resolve.

Here is a brief overview of how much is the cost of a family lawyer, and whether the fees match the legal practitioner you are considering.

Some people reported that they paid their divorce attorney for as low as $50 per hour, and a few reported to have paid as high as $400 to $650 per hour. The majority of them paid in between $150 to $350 per hour, and $250 per hour is the commonly reported payment. The hourly rate for a divorce attorney is $250. The $250 is consistent for attorneys who provide various types of assistance in a divorce case, these are:

Full representation, the divorce attorney will handle every issue in the case;

Limited scope or partial representation, the divorce attorney will manage selected aspects of the case; and

Consultation only, where the divorce attorney will provide advice or prepare documents on an as-needed basis.

To get divorced, how much is the average cost to pay? The payment includes total attorney’s fees, court costs, tax advisor, and child custody evaluator. Most of them reported having paid a total of around $15, 500, including the attorney’s fee which is $12, 800. The more issues that go to trial, the more the divorce will cost.