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About half of all marriages end in divorce in the U.S. Divorce can be an extremely emotionally charged process, in addition to being financially draining and creating even more negative effects on both children and adults involved in the process. In order to help ease the difficult time in life some people seek divorce support from their network of friends and families while other people attend groups formed just for people going through divorces. Whatever the method, people going through a separation are encouraged to seek divorce support wherever they feel comfortable so that they understand they do not need to go through the difficult transition alone.

Especially when children are involved, divorce support is a healthy way for parents to make sure they are taking care of themselves so that they are able to best care for their children. Unfortunately, some parents will seek divorce support from their children, sometimes even forcing the children to choose sides. Studies indicate that children from single-parent homes more often live in poverty, suffer from behavioral problems and do not do as well in school.

Children must also receive divorce support, but parents can sometimes rely on their children to carry the burden of their own healing. According to data supplied by the U.S. Census Bureau, the highest divorce rates are in the states considered the Bible Belt. When compared to the states in the Northeast, the Bible Belt's divorce rate was greater, which is surprising to many people. When explaining the differences in divorce rates, there are a few factors that help provide partial answers, which could provide insight to giving out more effective divorce support based on geographic regions.

In the South, more couples enter their first marriage at a younger age and have an average household income that is lower compared to the Northeast. The emphasis on education in the Northeast has a correlation to marrying at a later age, when there is more maturity, a better job, and more education has a better likelihood of higher job income. The Northeast has more Roman Catholics, a denomination that does not recognize divorce, and some individuals will find divorce support within their religious institutions. Especially if struggling with divorce because it goes against the couple's values, divorce support from religious leaders or peers could help address any questions and difficulties.

Divorce support is an important part of the healing process from a separation. The federal government has set aside $47 million since 2002 to study and promote marriage in state initiatives. Though it is still too early to determine what effect, if any, some state measures on promoting marriages are having on the divorce rates, the focus on reducing the number of divorces in the U.S. is difficult because of the effect broken marriages and families have on the nation's social environments and the financial consequences that result.

Some couples can work a troubled relationship out before it gets to the point of divorce, but not all marriages are salvageable, according to experts. With divorce support, some individuals are also able to identify problematic relationships that can help benefit future relationships. Because settling a divorce can be so complicated, involving emotional difficulties while trying to figure out financial and custody matters, experienced and reputable divorce lawyers are able to provide divorce support in a professional manner while figuring out the division of assets, property, finances, custody and other matters.

Divorce support can come in many forms, but the key is to find what is most comfortable and beneficial to all parties involved.

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