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Life after divorce

Divorce is a legal termination of marriage. There may be a lot of factors which two married people end up getting separated from each other but there could also be one factor that will remain. Divorce may be conversed by the partners, it may be mutual, or either one of them initiated it— unwanted divorce. People may judge both of them to the corners of their life but only the two of them or maybe a few friends and family knows the real deal.  Whatever it is, life after divorce is a talk-of-the-town.

A person may have a worst or serene life after it. Unwanted divorce ends up getting a person to be anxious, full of fears, may be depressed or could have mood changes. A person may also have difficulty coping up with the changes divorce has brought to his/her life. It would be a traumatic event any person could encounter, worst than breaking a relationship in your youthful days. When you get married, you are already investing your time, effort, feelings, and your entire life. But this all goes down as soon as your relationship starts to get broken and be torn apart. Years may pass and you thought you have already moved on but honestly speaking, you still haven’t. Bits of pieces about your ex-partner were still buried inside you which make it hard for you to tag along after getting divorced. Memories keep on coming back. All the little and big things surrounding you makes you to remember him/her and this is also one of the worst part that you’ll encounter after divorce.

Mutual divorce is also another talking point. This kind of divorce may not be too heavy for both partners because it is decided by the two of them rather than leaving one hanging. The breakup, the separation, the guilt and the pain will be dealt accordingly. That both of them after deciding may no longer experience the blame, and so much fear; although there may be for the incoming relationship. The ill part here is when loneliness comes. You may not expect it to happen to you because you were already thinking that it’s alright and everything is going to be fine after signing papers. But the brighter side here is that there will be hope for a new relationship and that you’ll think that ‘This time will run through smoothly’ or ‘I hope this will be better than my previous relationship’.

Lastly, the healing part. It will all be too hard for a person healing from getting a broken relationship. Sorry if you ever feel so low towards yourself or to whatever it is that may have been the reason for ending up a broken marriage. Maybe one is healing from the stress and perhaps you buried the emotional part while you have the chance to change everything after getting divorced. It’s not healthy for you to feel purposeless this time. Be kind to yourself, give time a time to help heal you and look for a new purpose to grow into this beautiful life.

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