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Nov 14th, 2008

Divorce Announcements Gaining in Popularity

The stigma that once accompanied divorce appears to be long gone as divorce announcements become more and more common across the U.S. The news that a marriage has ended may be somber, happy, or just a relief that an ex-spouse wants to share with friends and acquaintances. 

Greeting Cards, Letters, E-mails 

Announcing "my divorce is final" has been done by letter, greeting card, and e-mail. Several websites offer "divorce cards." The announcements have ranged from brief "it's finally over" messages to detailed letters updating the recipients with matters such as: 

  • New addresses
  • New plans and career moves
  • Custody news
  • The ex-wife's return to her maiden name
  • Estimates of how much the divorce process cost 

The announcements have been designed in a variety of formal, casual, creative and funny messages. 

A Feeling of Closure 

Marriage and divorce counselors have noted the benefits that announcing a divorce can bring, including a sense of closure and freedom. Additionally, according to professionals, marking the end of a divorce can aid the healing process and result in increased emotional support from an individual's circle of family, friends and coworkers. 

However, divorce attorneys point out that a divorce announcement can adversely affect a judge's outlook in a custody battle, and they have cautioned their clients to not send out such an announcement prematurely. 

A Risk of Backfiring 

In addition, a divorce announcement can "backfire;" a well-known case is that of Robert Olen Butler, a professor and Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist who notified a few of his colleagues and students by e-mail about his wife's leaving him, in order to prevent false rumors. His e-mail was leaked to the internet, releasing the news about his marriage troubles worldwide. 

(Source: New York Times) 

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