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Underestimating Divorce

In several cases, divorce happens because a spouse is tired of dealing with the many bumps and problems of marriage. Sometimes it would just be easier to break it off and end it all as soon as possible, but what most fail to understand is that though divorce will give time and space during separation to lessen problems, it also has the capability to introduce several more issues on top of the conflict, instead of providing a solution to it. It has the potential not only to destroy the relationship between the spouses but also that of the people in their proximity. In simple words, divorce is not as blissful as what others expect them to be. This article explains a few reasons why.

The first is its bad effect on children. Not just the couples who have split up are affected by the divorce, but also the children suffer and are affected by negativity. A research has proved that the children of a split-up couple are more prone to depression and low-confidence or even violence than others. Sometimes they end up blaming themselves for the divorce and in most of the cases, they don’t even believe in the existence of a happy marriage. They lose faith in marriage and then think it’s excusable not to fight and to just let go.

The second is that your finances are almost guaranteed to suffer during and after divorce. If you are a father you will pay child support and, in some cases, spousal support. If you are a woman, your income, compounded with several expenses you have to pay yourself, may lead you to struggle to make ends meet. One might think he/she was much better off with a partner to rely on.

Another thing to consider is that divorce destroys the sanctity of marriage. It is a holy union and supposed to hold despite all odds. Every other day, you hear of couples getting divorced. Marriage, as an institution, has become less holy. People seek quick fixes or rather, quick divorces, instead of ironing the differences. And that’s truly such a tragedy.

One more reason is that simply, divorce hurts. We all know this in our minds, but it takes going through a divorce to know in your gut just how painful divorce is. Imagine whatever adjectives you wish. It takes several years to recover from the emotional pain from divorce, pain that comes from tearing a relationship at the same time that you adapt to the many other changes in your life that often flow from divorce.

Divorce is definitely not a joke. Be a couple that gives it deliberate consideration instead of relying on a one-time explosion of uncontrollable emotion. This is not only for your own good but for the people around as well. Be the couple that values the institution of marriage and makes it work, despite odds. If there’s anything worth fighting for, it is a relationship that once had promise and potential.

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